The Statute of the Coordination Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations

In the Name of God

The Statute of the Coordination Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations

Chapter One: Generalities and Objectives

Article 1 – Name: Coordinating Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Organizations, a non-political and non-profit trade union assembly, consist of Associations of Teachers’ Trade Union from all over the country, which is shortened and called “Coordination Council” in this statute.

Article 2 – The Secretariat is responsible for receiving, sending, registering and archiving all documents and correspondence of the Coordination Council. At any period of time, ordinary General Assembly in actual space can designate and approve, if necessary, an association to take the responsibility as the directorate and secretariat.  Each secretariat is responsible to transfer all archived documents to the next secretariat.

Article 3 – Citizenship of the members of the Coordination Council: Iran.

Article 4 – Objective: To establish coordination, coherence and unity of procedure in all activities of the teachers’ organizations of Iran within the framework of the duties stated in the statute of the association.

Chapter Two: The Conditions and Procedures of membership of organizations in the Coordination Council:

Article 5 – Membership of Iranian Teachers’ Organizations in the Coordination Council is possible by meeting all the following conditions:

  1. Formal and written acceptance of the statute of the council and practical commitment to its provisions and approvals.
  2. Regular payment of monthly membership fees.
  3. Regular, continuous and active presence of their representatives in the meetings and assemblies of the Coordination Council.
  4. Have received a license from the Ministry of Interior as a trade union, or are founders who have a fund and articles of association, whose file has been registered in the local or provincial government or in the Ministry of Interior, and if no results are obtained after 6 months, under the supervision of the council and in the presence of its representative hold elections.

 Note 1: For each city that has an independent education department, only one organization will be a member of the Coordination Council. Therefore, the proposal Membership of another organization from that city is not accepted. Note 2: The Coordination Council forms a working group called the Article 5 Working Group to implement the provisions of Article 5 of the Statute of Association.

Chapter Three: The Pillars of the Coordination Council

Article 6 – The Pillars of the Coordination Council are in order of priority: the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Inspectors.

  1. General Assembly

Article 7 – The General Assembly is the highest decision-making authority of the Coordination Council and consists of the nominated representatives of the member organizations which can be formed normally or exceptionally.

Note 1: The number of representatives of each organization to participate in ordinary and extraordinary assemblies is two persons.

Note 2: In each of the working groups of the Coordination Council, only one representative from each member organization has the right to participate and vote.

Article 8 – Ordinary General Assembly in actual space, in compliance with the formalities set in the Executive Regulations, will be held once a year hosted by one of the organizations. For the formalization of the assembly, the presence of at least two thirds of all the voting members and for the approval of each issue, the affirmative vote of more than half of the present members is required.

Note 1: If in the first meeting, the number of attendees in the Ordinary General Assembly does not reach the required quorum, the second meeting will be held with an interval of 15 to 45 days and will be formalized with any number present in the meeting and its approvals by more than half of the attendees will be valid.

Note 2: Ordinary general meetings of the Coordination Council can be held in social networks by observing the quorum of this article in the required number of members and in accordance with the executive regulations of the council. The validity of its resolutions will not be any different from the resolutions of the Ordinary General Assembly in the actual world.

Note 3: In order to hold meetings on social networks, the Chairperson of the Coordination Council is obliged to appropriately inform all members of the time and subject of the meeting at least 24 hours before the meeting.

Article 9 – Duties of the Ordinary General Assembly

  1. Policy making and setting the general guidelines of the Coordination Council. 2. Seelecting of an organization as co-chair of the Coordination Council and the Board of Directors, selecting of an organization as vice-president of the Coordination Council from among the independent member organizations for a period of 2 years as well as selecting of the inspectors.
  2. Designating of member organizations of the working groups, except for the International Relations Working Group, from among the member organizations of the Coordination Council and approving of their nominated representatives.
  3. Reviewing the reports and suggestions of organizations, educators and inspectors.
  4. Determining the annual membership fee and approving the balance sheet and budget of the Coordination Council.
  5. Deciding whether to accept or cancel membership of an organization.
  6. Codifying of the executive regulations of the Coordination Council and its amendments if necessary.
  7. Selecting of board member organizations.

Note 1: All statements and correspondence under the name of “Coordinating Council of Iranian Teachers’ Associations” are valid.

Note 2: All suggestions and correspondence related to the council should be written by the educators and organizations, must be addressed to the chairperson of the council and delivered to the secretariat of the council.

Article 10 – The Extraordinary General Assembly will be convened in actual space in accordance with the formalities set forth in the Executive Regulations and with the following conditions:

  1. At the formal request of one-half of the independent member organizations of the Coordination Council.
  2. At the formal request of one-third of the independent member organizations of the Coordination Council, the Chairperson of the Council and an inspector.
  3. At the request of two-thirds of the board directors of member organizations.

Note 1: The invitation to the Extraordinary General Assembly in actual space should be written and must be notified to the members at least two weeks before its convening.

Note 2: In order to formalize the Extraordinary General Assembly, the presence of at least two thirds of all member organizations of the Coordination Council is required.

Note 3: The decisions of the Extraordinary General Assembly will be valid with at least two thirds affirmative votes of the number of attendees.

Article 11 – Duties of the Extraordinary General Assembly:

  1. Approval of changes in the provisions of the Statute of Association.
  2. Reviewing and approving the dissolution of the Coordination Council of Iranian Cultural Associations.
  3. Appointing the members of the International Relations Working Group and deciding on matters relating to connecting or disconnecting with international institutions.
  4. Dismissal of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Coordination Council and the member organizations of its Board of Directors based on the review of the performance of each of them and in accordance with the description of their duties in the Statute of Association and the Executive Regulations of the Coordination Council.

Article 12 – The general assemblies in actual space are chaired by a committee consisting of the chairperson, the vice-chairperson, a secretary and two observers, all of whom will be elected by the announcement of the bid and the vote of the assembly.

  1. B) The Board of Directors of the Coordination Council

Article 13 – The Ordinary General Assembly shall elect the member organizations of the Board of Directors for a term of two years. The re-election of any member organization of the Board of Directors for the next terms, provided that after two consecutive terms, obtains two-thirds of the votes of the Assembly, is possible. In addition, the chairperson of the board of directors is obliged to hold elections of the new board of directors within a maximum period of two months before the end of the 2-year term of the board of directors, and to announce the result to the Ministry of Interior one week before the end of his/her term.

Article 14 – The Board of Directors of the Coordination Council will consist of 7 organizations as main members and two organizations as alternate members. The organization, which chairs the Coordination Council, will also be a member and chair of the board.

Note 1: The meetings of the Board of Directors will be formalized with the presence of representatives of at least 5 member organizations, and decisions taken by the vote of a relative majority of the attendees will be valid.

Note 2: The chairperson of the Coordination Council is obliged to convene a meeting in actual space or social networks no later than two weeks after the election of the members of the board of directors, in which the board of directors, while drafting its internal regulations, appoints an organization as its vice chairperson. It will also elect an organization as treasurer of the Coordination Council for two years. The limits of their authority are determined by the regulations.

Note 3: Participation of board members in its meetings, including in actual space or social networks, is necessary and the absence of any organization without a valid excuse and without prior notice for up to 3 consecutive meetings or 6 alternate meetings will be considered as resignation of the absent organization.

Note 4: In case of resignation or removal of the conditions from any of the members of the Board of Directors the alternate member will perform the remaining term instead of the main member.

Note 5 : In addition to the regular and monthly meetings held in the actual space or social networks, the Board of Directors will convene an extraordinary meeting, if necessary, by written or telephone invitation of the Chairman or Vice-Chairman. The interval between sending an invitation or a phone call and holding a meeting in real space will be at least 5 days and on social networks will be at least 24 hours.

Note 6: The Board of Directors is responsible for issuing statements and resolutions of the Coordination Council under the name of “Coordination Council of Iranian Cultural Associations”.

Resolutions and statements can only be changed or repealed if a meeting of the Coordination Council is convened.

Note 7: A maximum of one organization from each province can be present in the composition of the board of directors of the council. If more than one organization from one province are applying, they are obliged to choose an organization from among themselves by their agreement, otherwise the Article 5 Working Group will be the source of dispute resolution.

Article 15 – The Board of Directors is the legal representative of the Coordination Council and its duties and powers are as follows:

  1. Representing the Coordination Council in the pursuit of trade union affairs. 2. Designating widely circulated newspapers and social networks to insert advertisements and invitations to general assemblies.
  2. Following-up, supporting and caring for professional, financial, legal (judicial) affairs of those educators who have faced occupational, financial and legal (judicial) issues during their trade following-up activities that had been approved by the Coordination Council.
  3. Preserving and protecting of movable and immovable property, reviewing the accounts of the Coordination Council and paying up the debts and collecting the claims.
  4. Implementing the resolutions of general assemblies.
  5. Opening an account in one of the banks.
  6. Carrying out legal formalities, prosecuting all issues related to registration, taxation and judicial subjects, appointing verdicts, choosing lawyers or dismissing them, disconnecting and reconciling lawsuits through compromise and, if necessary, delegating all or part of their powers in this part to any other person, whether legal or natural or through proxy.
  7. Appointing a representative from among the members of the Coordination Council as an observer to participate in the elections of the organizations and reporting it to the council.
  8. Selecting one of the representatives of the member organizations of the Board of Directors as the spokesperson of the Coordination Council along with determining the exact description of his/her duties.

Note 1: Except for the issues that according to the provisions of this statute, decision-making and action on them are within the special competence of the general assemblies, the board of directors has all the necessary powers to manage the affairs of the council, depending on observing the issues contained in the statute and internal regulations.

Note 2: All documents, valuable papers and pledges will be valid with the signature of the chairperson or vice-chairperson of the Coordination Council and the treasurer and with the seal of the Secretariat of the Coordination Council.

Note 3: The Ordinary General Assembly of the Coordination Council in real space or social networks, if it deems necessary and taking into account Note 3 of Article 21, can approve that the organization of the Presidency of the Council, on behalf of the Coordination Council, is in charge of opening an account by the end of the term.

  1. C) Inspectors

Article 16 – The Ordinary General Assembly in real space will select two persons as the main inspector and one person as the alternate inspector for one year from among the persons nominated by the member organizations of the Coordination Council present in the assembly.

Article 17 – The duties of inspectors are as follows:

  1. Reviewing all documents and financial papers of the Coordination Council and preparing a report for the General Assembly.
  2. Studying the annual report of the board of directors, both financial and non-financial, and preparing a report on the performance of the board of directors to inform the general assembly.
  3. Reporting any violation of the provisions of the Statute of Association to the General Assembly and follow it up until a result is achieved.
  4. Attending meetings and gathering of the council and board of directors and supervising the way they organize the meeting and having an active role in disciplinary matters, without the right to vote.

Article 18 – At the request of the Inspector or Inspectors of the Council, all documents of the Coordination Council, both financial and non-financial, shall be provided to them at all times and unconditionally by the Chairperson of the Coordination Council.

Article 19 – The disciplinary working group, who investigate the violations of the members of the council, shall be formed on a case-by-case basis by the chairperson of the council, an inspector with the consent of the inspectors and 3 persons selected by the members of the coordination council.

Chapter 4: Budget and Miscellaneous issues:

Article 20 – The budget of the Coordination Council is provided through the receipt of gifts, donations, acceptance of wills, endowments and membership fees of member organizations.


Note: Receiving any gifts, donations and aid must be notified and approved by the Ordinary General Assembly of the Coordination Council.

Article 21– The income and expenses of the Coordination Council shall be recorded in legal offices by the Treasurer of the Board of Directors and its balance and explanatory report will be delivered to the general Assembly at the end of each financial year by the Chairman of the Board of Directors for reviewing.

Note 1: All financial documents of the Coordination Council will be provided to tax officials upon their visit.

Note 2: The financial year of the Coordination Council corresponds to the solar year and always ends at the end of Esfand (March 20th).

Note 3: All funds in excess of the costs of the Coordination Council will be in a special account under the name of “the Coordination Council” with one of the official banks of Iran.

Article 22 – All documents, files and official writings are kept in the Secretariat of the Coordination Council.

Note: The approvals and minutes of the meetings of the actual space and social networks assemblies will be registered and signed in the special books chronologically by the relevant members.

Article 23– In order to provide regular and controlled financial and judicial support to educators who are harmed as a result of union activities, the Coordination Council is obliged to arrange a comprehensive regulation in this field and inform it to the member organizations.

Note 1: All financial and judicial supportive-activities of member organizations in this field must be in accordance with the mentioned regulations and under the strict and continuous supervision and control of the Coordination Council.

Note 2: The investigation of financial violations of each of the member organizations will be in accordance with the executive regulations of the Coordination Council.

Article 24 – The Coordination Council shall have a special seal and logo, the text of which shall be prepared and used with the approval of the Ordinary General Assembly.

Note: The Chairperson of the Board of Directors will have a legal responsibility to preserve and protect the seal and logo of the Coordination Council.

Chapter Five: Dissolution

Article 25– In case of dissolution of the Coordination Council, the Extraordinary General Assembly shall elect a settlement committee and this Board shall be obliged to transfer the property and assets for the welfare of educational workers after paying its debts and receiving the claims of the Coordination Council. This board is obliged to provide a copy of its full description to the members of the dissolved coordination council.

Article 26 – This statute consists of 5 chapters, 26 articles and 30 notes, which were reviewed and approved in Mehr 1398 (September 2019) in the extraordinary general assembly at a meeting of teachers’ unions across the country in Isfahan province, Isfahan city.

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